Training in Managing Volunteers

The Essentials of Volunteer Management is a six-week online course for people interested in extending their knowledge and skills.  Week by week there are chapters of information provided for download, and supplementary references available to read.  Each week there is an assignment to post in the online forum and opportunity to engage with fellow students and the tutor.  Completion of assignments and a multi-choice questionnaire will gain a certificate of achievement.  Note: the course is for New Zealanders, and is tutored by me.

Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration is US-based opportunity to gain formal professional qualifications.  There is also an excellent outline of professional ethics in volunteer management available on this site.  See also the Universal Declaration on the Profession of Leading and Managing Volunteers (2001).


Professional Association

Australasian Association for Managers of Volunteers – AAMoV, for Australian and New Zealand managers of volunteers


International Resources

Susan J Ellis’ Energize, includes a monthly Hot Topic, an online bookstore and a huge library of articles, guides and reports, and other resources.  Plus the international on-line journal, e-volunteerism

nfpSynergy – UK based research consultancy on issues related to non-profit organisations.  Look for the 2014 report on volunteering, The New Alchemy.

Volunteer Canada – useful reports on what volunteers want, and on resources for engaging with older people.

Volunteering Australia – see section on policy and best practice, including the new Definition of Volunteering (July 2015)

International Association for Volunteer Effort, the global organisation for promoting volunteering.

Civicus – global organisation to strengthen civil society and citizen action.  See 2015 State of Civil Society Report.


Blogs on Managing Volunteers

Volunteer Plain Talk, by Meridian Swift (US)

Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd (UK)

Thoughtful Thursdays (UK), managed by Sue Jones


New Zealand Resources

Volunteering New Zealand provides a national voice for volunteering and volunteers in Aotearoa NZ.  There is some useful stuff on management of volunteers on the website.  Newsletters include local reports, international news and all you want to know about the VNZ Best Practice Guidelines, and Competencies for Managers of Volunteers.  Links to Volunteer Centres available.

Community Resource Kit – a huge resource for people managing volunteers, including models of all the practice principles and processes you ever wanted to know, produced by Department of Internal Affairs.

Managers Matter (2008) – research on Who Manages New Zealand’s Volunteers

Mahi Aroha (2007) – Maori Perspectives on Volunteering and Cultural Obligations


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    Great stuff Sue. I really like this site/ your blog.


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