About Sue Hine

I began volunteering a very long time ago.  I have been engaged with community organisations for more than 40 years, as a trainer, facilitator and clinical supervisor, and as a volunteer in all sorts of roles.   Employment history includes both NGOs and public health sector, always with  community involvement.  My direct experience of managing volunteers is brief by some standards, just 6 years. But it was volunteering that taught me most about management, what worked and what didn’t, what made me feel valued and and how a poorly run organisation did me and their client group a big disservice.

Now I have become re-tyred, and free to tell you what I think and to float ideas that might get you thinking.  I am an independent advocate and was an initial participant in the Management of Volunteers Development Project, which produced Volunteering New Zealand’s  Best Practice for Volunteer-Involving Guidelines, and NZ Competencies for Managers of Volunteers. I continue to be associated with volunteering communities in Wellington, and I provide tutor support to participants in the online training course, Essentials of Volunteer Management.

For those who set store by professional credentials, I own to an honours degree in Social Work, and a M.Phil (Development Studies).  My thesis was on the expression of organisational values.

Please note all comments, opinions and references are made on my own account and are not presenting the views of Volunteering NZ or any other organisation.


  1. Rebecca said,

    Congratulations to getting the site going, and best of luck for this endeavour!

    Rebecca 🙂


  2. Rebecca said,

    Oh, and did I mention it really looks great?!!!


  3. Linda Kennington said,

    I am impressed, not only with the professionalism of the website but the fact that it addresses burning issues around volunteering and the management of volunteers. It rings so-o-o many bells in particular, the language around volunteering and the expectations (from others and self) that managers of volunteers will do the impossible. You not only challenge martyrdom but also offer alternative ways of tackling the job.

    Well done!


    • Sue Hine said,

      Well thank you Linda. I’m glad to hear there are bells ringing out there, and maybe some nodding heads. I also hope they are stimulated to seek new ways of working and to draw on all the available resources.


  4. Chris Cassels said,

    Congratulations on a great initiative, with lots of interesting ideas and useful resources.



  5. Lana Morrison said,

    I have been reading you Blog for about a year now and I have gained some valuable ideas. Lana


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