1. susanjellis said,

    Strange world in which I have to learn about a new American book like this from a colleague on the other side of the globe! Thanks so much for discovering this, Sue, and sharing your cogent thoughts about it. It’s always been a mystery to me why so many people — clearly other than you and me! — do not see the interrelationship of “activism” and “volunteering.”


  2. Sue Hine said,

    I’m pleased this book chimes with you Susan. I’m sure you would also acknowledge how managers of volunteers could step up activist practice, to champion volunteering as well as pressing for rights and respect for their profession.


  3. I always like to read anything which emphasises and reminds us of the powerful link between activism, volunteering and social change. Most community organisations began to change the world – let’s keep doing it!


  4. Thank you for this reference, Sue, I am going to purchase this book, it sounds fascinating and seems to touch on many aspects of volunteering. I look forward to reading it!


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