November 4, 2012

The Go Crazy Day

Posted in Celebrations, Leading Volunteers, Managers Matter tagged , , at 4:53 am by Sue Hine


This is the week to bring out the banners and balloons, put on the party gear and to show off yourself and what you do in managing volunteers.  Self-promotion if you like, and I like self-promotion – because if you cannot value yourself and your achievements then it is sometimes hard for other people to see the value of your work.

So going crazy now and again is a way to take pride in being a manager of volunteers.  You know – leading teams, juggling 100 people, 100 motivations, 100 job descriptions, with a zero budget for a priceless resource.  As the You-tube clips have been saying, Who else could do that!

[Mumble mumble, and a bit of rhubarb] What’s that?  You are uncomfortable with displays of self-praise?  It’s not right to put yourself ahead of volunteers?

Don’t you see?  Everything you do as a leader of volunteers is promoting their interests.  Standing up for them, pushing their barrow every which way you can is demonstrating the importance of your work.  You know the power of volunteering and just how much volunteers contribute to the organisation’s mission.  So take some credit for getting the programme going and for maintaining the standards.

And notice, every now and again, how volunteers appreciate your leadership.  They might be small efforts, like encouraging them in their work, giving praise and thanks for a job well done, and spending time to listen to their stories – but you bet they will be noticed.  Make up a poster board to record all the compliments that come your way, even the little things like thanks – for returning my call / your prompt reply / your welcoming smile.

And take time, at least on one day a year, to say Yes, I did well, and I am well pleased.  Because you’re worth it.

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