October 30, 2011

Three Cheers for Managers of Volunteers!

Posted in Good news stories, Leading Volunteers, Managers Matter at 3:44 am by Sue Hine

It’s that time of the year again.  Come November 5 this week there will be noise all round the world to celebrate the International Day for Managers of Volunteers.

Why should Managers of Volunteers deserve a special day?  Here are ten good reasons:

  • Because your organisation would not function without volunteers;
  • Because your organisation would have trouble recruiting and retaining volunteers without a manager to get them on board;
  • Because the manager of volunteers works wonders to make your volunteer programme add value to your organisation, to enhance your services;
  • Because the manager of volunteers is an excellent communicator, ensuring the whole organisation knows what is happening and keeping volunteers involved;
  • Because the manager of volunteers reminds you about why we involve volunteers and why volunteers are important;
  • Because there is a training programme, and ongoing support for volunteers so they are never left floundering;
  • Because the manager of volunteers is endlessly creative and innovative in finding new ways to involve volunteers;
  • Because the manager of volunteers knows your community and how to tap into resources to benefit your organisation;
  • Because we love our manager of volunteers, and so do the volunteers;
  • And – just because managers of volunteers are worth it!

Most events will happen on Friday November 4.  At least we avoid the fireworks this time.  Have a look at what I wrote last year to remind you of the importance of the occasion.

And at the risk of repeating myself – except sometimes messages are worth repeating – please read again this volunteer paean to a manager.

Just so you know why this day is important.  Just so you can take pride in your achievements and in the wealth of favours you and volunteers contribute to your organisation.

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