July 1, 2010

Yes, but…

Posted in Yes but at 5:00 am by Sue Hine

It’s all very well to go on about managing volunteers as though it was a specific job, and that’s all they have to do.  Trouble is, there are people out there who have to be multi-taskers in multiple ways.  Consider the following examples:

(1) You are the sole charge paid position for running a community organisation – the philosophy, policy, practice, the volunteers – the lot.  Whew! – in terms of work-loads.

(2)  You have a paid professional position in your organisation (nursing / social work / administration / whatever) and you are delegated responsibility for the volunteer programme along with your principal role.  How do you divide your time?  Where do your loyalties lie?  Another whew!

(3)  Or you might be a volunteer called on to organise a team, a function, develop a new service, and you have no proper job description, and you really need a budget and it would be good to get some advice from someone else in the organisation, specially when you have never done this before.  And hey, I’ve got a full-time day-job as well.  Whew, again!

Whatever the circumstances of your organisation, volunteers need to be well-managed to get the best delivery of services and outcomes for your organisation. 

Which just makes you realise just how important it is to get management of volunteers right.  Right?

Watch this space, and tell me what works for you……..


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